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Mean Filters :: essays research papers

 â â â â â â â â â Build up a Program that will execute the non-direct channels Unique: The reason for this venture is to build up a program that actualizes non-straight channels. For this task we will explore the mean channel and the Median channel. Presentation: The Idea of this task is to produce and picture and actualize various sorts of commotion, at that point include them together and run them through a non-straight channel and perceive how the channel influences the yield picture. First we should find and picture at that point include the commotion and run the picture through a non-straight channel to effectively expel such a clamor debasement. We will think about two channels, the mean channel and the middle channel, for a couple of basic cases. The reason for the sifting activity is thought to be a successful end or lessening of the clamor that is adulterating the ideal pictures. In this report we will consider just the two-dimensional cases (picture). The impacts are better imagined with pictures. Foundation on non-straight channels: Non-straight separating has been considered even in the fifties, from that point forward, the field has seen a quick increment of intrigue showed. For our situation the Multistage medians and middle channels have been somewhat widely concentrated from the hypothetical perspective in the start of the seventies in the Soviet Union. These channels have been autonomously rehashed and placed into wide down to earth use around 15 years after the fact by western analysts. Non-direct FIR channels can't be communicated as a straight blend of the info, however as some other (non-direct) work on the information sources. A straightforward case of a valuable non-direct channel is a fifth request middle channel. This is the channel spoken to by: This kind of channel is amazingly valuable for information with non-Gaussian commotion, evacuating anomalies effectively. A lot of examination exertion has gone into the improvement of fitting channels for different purposes. Insights has taken an alternate attach to the issue: early methodologies were like moving normal channels. Notwithstanding, instead of utilizing a basic moving normal, the early work understood that direct relapse could be utilized around the point we were attempting to assess; at the end of the day, as opposed to just averaging the five qualities around a point, a straight attack of the focuses, utilizing a least squares gauge, could be utilized to give a superior looking outcome. Besides, we understood that 1)     Linear relapse could be applied, so could different shapes, specifically braces. 2)     The loads for the examples utilized in relapse could be changed.

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Supply Chain Drivers

Coordinations Drivers Facilities These are physical areas where product is put away, collected or fabricated. Two significant kinds of offices are creation destinations and capacity locales. Choices with respect to the job, area, limit, and adaptability of offices significantly affect the flexibly chain’s execution. Offices related measurements incorporate; limit, usage, process duration of creation, process duration, stream time effectiveness, item assortment, handling/arrangement/down/inactive time, normal creation clump size, and creation administration level.Inventory This incorporates all natural material, crude materials being prepared and finished product. Change in stock arrangements can adjust the gracefully chain execution. For example, a writing material shop can be responsive by loading a lot of writing material and fulfill client request from stock. In any case, a huge stock expands costs, rendering it less proficient. Stock decrease would make it increasingly pro ficient however less responsive.Inventory related measurements incorporate; normal stock, items with in excess of a predefined number of long stretches of stock, normal recharging clump size, normal security stock, occasional stock, fill rate, and part of break of stock. Transportation includes moving stock starting with one gracefully chain area then onto the next. Transportation can take structure with various mix of modes and courses, each with its own exhibition characteristic.Transportation related measurements incorporate; normal inbound and outbound transportation cost, normal approaching and outbound shipment size, normal inbound and outbound transportation cost per shipment and part moved by mode. ? Cross-Functional drivers Information This comprises of information and examination concerning every other driver, that is, offices, stock, transportation, evaluating and customers.It is ostensibly the greatest gracefully chain driver as it legitimately influences every one of di fferent drivers. Auspicious and precise data will upgrade coordination and better dynamic. Data related measurements incorporate; figure skyline, recurrence of update, gauge blunder, occasional elements, change from plan, and proportion of interest changeability to arrange inconstancy. SourcingSourcing includes picking accomplices to play out a specific gracefully chain movement, for example, creation, transportation, stockpiling, or the board of data. This choice variable sets up capacities that an organization may embrace and those that it might re-appropriate. Sourcing related measurements incorporate; days payable extraordinary, normal buy date, scope of price tag, normal buy amount, division on-time conveyances, flexibly quality, and gracefully lead time.Pricing Pricing decides the sum an organization will charge for products and enterprises offers in the gracefully chain. Estimating influences the conduct of the client purchasing an item or getting to a help, in this manner in fluencing gracefully chain execution. Valuing related measurements incorporate; net revenue , days deals exceptional, steady fixed expense per request, gradual variable expense per unit, normal deal value, normal request size, scope of offer cost, and scope of intermittent deals.

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Important Reasons Why Argumentative Paper Essays Are Required For College

Important Reasons Why Argumentative Paper Essays Are Required For CollegeThere are many reasons why argumentative paper essays are often required for college. For instance, argumentative papers cover a wide range of topics from the social sciences to the humanities and from the sciences to the history and philosophy of science.By the time high school students enter college, most have already begun their advanced studies in a major. Most of these students will choose subjects that they find most interesting, but some may choose them because they find the course easier. This is not always the case and many times the student is interested in the subject only to discover that they are not prepared for the workload that is associated with the subject matter.Academic papers are often required of college students to either graduate or get credit for in order to continue their studies. These essays are the basis for their GPA and also provide them with the opportunity to prove themselves as academically capable. They may also be required to take the grade in the case of a test score discrepancy. The essays may also serve as an evaluation for a student's performance.There are many topics in which students may choose to submit argumentative paper essays, and it is important to choose them carefully. The type of essay may dictate the topic that must be covered and the degree of detail that will be required to complete the assignment. There are many other factors that will determine whether or not a student should choose argumentative essays over others.The first important consideration is whether or not the student will be submitting the essay for grade purposes. Students should avoid writing about topics that are controversial or ones that are not a matter of public knowledge. These subjects will likely be heavily criticized and the argumentative style will be criticized in the process.Furthermore, any essay that contains logical arguments and logical reasoning will like ly be disparaged by the professor. In general, arguments that are not supported by facts are suspect and therefore should be avoided. Even if the teacher does not see the merits of the argument, he or she will likely question the author's methods of thinking, as well as her ability to reason logically.The next factor that determines whether or not the essay topics are appropriate is the student's writing skills. Students that have trouble completing their assignments on time or are unable to use clear, straightforward language may want to stay away from argumentative paper topics. Students that have trouble with grammar and spelling are likely to have more problems than those who write grammatically correct essays.Finally, argumentative paper topics will also require the instructor to review the work before the final grade is given. Every instructor will have his or her own individual opinion of what is acceptable and what is not. Therefore, students should be certain that they are using their best effort before they submit the essay for final grading.

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Network Design Essay - 1650 Words

Network Design (Thesis Proposal Sample) Content: Studentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s nameInstitution affiliationInstructorà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s nameCourse detailsDue dateIntroductionAfter having bought a piece of land measuring 56 by 36, Design IT has decided to expand its by operations by setting up different new features like the cubicles, main office, reception desk and a conference room within this space of land bought. This has also made it plan to bring in three new servers labelled as the webserver, file server and server to perform various activities like in controlling traffic such as Microsoft properties and the small business itself.There are different designs that are supposed to take place here such as setting up wireless network, installation of antivirus software, setting of six new computers and enabling high-speed internet service which will ensure that operations run faster. They also plan to set a strong firewall and three color laser printers which will enable them to carry out printing activity. In setting up these new network features in the office, it is important to note make several considerations that leads to good recommendations in each process of the operations. These recommendations will ensure that a proper network is built to serve the whole place and that each devices and clients are protected against malwares and attacks. This paper is going to look at different recommendations and consultation proposals.Network DesignThe organization should consider designing its network in a way that will not bring any congestion and where the users and clients are all protected against malfunctions/ threats and different attacks from outsiders. The organization should look into the topological nature of the space to create a secure network that will be essential in maintaining security in the system. They should also ensure there is logical design of the network. Logical security means there are very safe routers in the network as well as switches which will interconnect different segments and dif ferent hosts from the network. The network design should be mainly the LAN which will connect the computers to the internet through the broadband with assistance of other connections which are at high speed. This kind of design will ensure that there is no traffic in the system as well as enhanced security to the system. The design should also be able internet which may be launched by the web, DNS and the mail servers. It should also ensure security of the certain resources of the office which may be very sensitive and important to operations of the organization like different records of finance, the databases of their customers and the norms of their trading operations. The network should be able to have different systems where users log in to different services and the system should also get to know of any intruder in the network. The design should have intranet, internet and other users such as those using telephone lines.Network ArchitectureNetwork architecture is the way diffe rent applications and features of a network are built for a good representation of different activities or follow different authenticated rules like entry of data. It may also involve system which may enable users to interact well with other users of the same network. There should be setting of a design LAN which is based on the soohosts/TCP/IP. The architects should ensure to build enough security to the routers and the switches in the system. They should consider dividing the network into different subnets which may work in each cubicle and the order to make the performance of the system to go higher, each of these divided segment is supposed to work with a single broadcast domains. These may also ensure that attacks done through sniffing are prevented. They should consider developing a main router which is set at the center of the network to bring interconnectedness of different activities like production network as well as managementà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s network. There should b e a very strong authentication which is brought by passwords set on a server only once. They may include RSA security Ace server. The communication protocols should be well encrypted incase a certain type of communication is made.LAN and WLAN ConsiderationWireless LANS (WLAN) is whereby the connectivity of the computers to one another and the servers does not require cables. In fact, there are wireless adapters also known as the receivers which are installed in the computers of the organization and will be the main components of the network. These receivers are either connected as internal network cards or connected as a material which are inserted in the computers USB ports. Wireless networks hubs are usually joined I one server. WLAN is advantageous as it is installed in the computers and get very fast configurations. It does not require setting or building of anything in nature. These wireless networks ensures there is flexibility in the operations since computers can be moved f reely within the surrounding and still connects to the network. Other devices like phones and laptops can also get interconnected. The only disadvantage is that there may be no connection when the devices are not within the radius of the network. The LANS creates network by interconnecting different computers within the organization by use of cables. Two computers may be connected together to share the same network. This can be disadvantageous since any two users can share and communicate within the network but any user is not protected against pragmatism practices such as the attacks. To ensure security, these the management should reduce the number of MAC addresses. One VLAN should be configured in every one switch to reduce the chance of any attacker popping up in these VLANS. This will also minimize different cases of misconfiguration within the network system. The user should be required to authenticate their works through RADIUS or LDAP in order for them to be allowed to acce ss any particular resource of the organization. There may also be setting up private VLANS through defining or citing a primary VLAN and one or more other secondary connections within the system. Each and every host should be placed in their specific routed VLAN.Hardware and CostThe different types of hardware that the company should have include network server for storing and controlling different data. It is generally expensive to buy and install the servers. Network equipment are also needed. The different components can be cheap to buy though a high number is usually required. Comp screens and projectors should also be bought. The screens should be flat monitors which are very essential for every desktop in the organization. Projectors are excellent methods of performing presentations in the conference room. These may be quite expensive but their benefits are good.Security ConsiderationDifferent security considerations should be made to both the firewall and antivirus software. For the firewall, IMSS should always receive incoming email as the first server. Configure the MX records on the DNS servers that at this time, the relay control setting should have a configuration of only allowing relays for local domains. For outgoing traffic, the firewall should be configured in the form of proxy based in order to make way for all outbound messages going to the IMSS to ensure that the outgoing SMTP mail is only able to go to then IMSS servers. For the antivirus software, the following considerations should be made; multi layered approach which ensures that emails, applications, the desktops and other hardware are secured. When installing the software, one should ensure that he/she does not include more than one antivirus as it may cause conflict. Very many antivirus scanning engines should be run in the systems, virus definitions should be kept in form of their data and that emails with viruses should be quarantined.Software and CostsThe organization will need the following software in their operations. Software are the ones that allow the hardware to work in different perspectives. There should be operating system software for both the client and the server computers. These may include different internet access programs like opera mini, Firefox, windows and others. There should be basic...

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Definition and Examples of Allusion

The definition of allusion is a brief, usually indirect reference to another person, place, or event—real or fictional. Its use is a shortcut way of bringing extra meaning, clarity, or further explanation of an idea by referencing something that the audience already understands. Allusions may be historical, mythological, literary, pop cultural, or even personal. They can show up in literature, movies, television, comic books, video games, and ordinary conversations. Key Takeaways: Allusions An allusion is a reference to something else.A well-chosen allusion can pack a lot of meaning into very few words.The context of the reference needs to be understood by the audience, or not all of your meaning will be conveyed. The Oxford Dictionary of Reference and Allusion explains the techniques use this way: It is often possible to pack more meaning into a well-chosen allusion than into a roughly equivalent descriptive term from the general language either because an allusion can carry some of the  connotations  of the whole story from which it is drawn, or because an individuals name can be associated with more than one characteristic. (Introduction Oxford Dictionary of Reference and Allusion, 3rd ed., edited by Andrew Delahunty and Sheila Dignen. Oxford University Press, 2010). An allusion is more subtle than a metaphor or simile, as a comparison. As a verb, the word is allude  and as an adjective, allusive. It is also known as an echo or a reference. Allusion in Literature Poetry often contains allusion, as every word in a poem carries lots of weight, so a simple allusive phrase in a poem can bring forth many additional layers of meaning. Prose and drama can carry allusions too. Rich sources of allusions include the literary works of Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, and George Orwell (among many others). Literary works can refer to other works to make a point (like Shakespearean characters referring to Greek myths or common superstitions of the time), or pop culture can make allusions to famous literature. Call someone a Shylock or a Romeo, and youre referring to Shakespeare. Use the phrase catch-22 to describe a paradoxical situation, and youre actually referring to a novel by Joseph Heller, whether you realize it or not.  If someone refers to an Adonis or an odyssey, those are Greek allusions. If you talk about taking the road less traveled, youre alluding to a Robert Frost poem. Biblical Allusions Biblical allusions are everywhere because theyre so widely understood. Anytime anyone speaks of Noah, a flood, an ark, Moses, a prodigal son returning, money-changers, Adam and Eve, a snake (or serpent), Eden, or David conquering Goliath—those are all biblical allusions.   Warren Buffet was once quoted as saying, I violated the Noah rule: predicting rain doesnt count; building arks does. Allusion in Political Speech Politicians make allusions all the time. Anytime you hear versions of anyone speaking softly or carrying a big stick, or having a big stick policy that person is alluding to Theodore Roosevelts views on foreign policy or his breaking up monopolies. Another phrase often alluded to is one from John F. Kennedys inaugural address, ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country. Senator Obamas call to ask not just what our government can do for us, but what we can do for ourselves had an even more direct connection to the inaugural address of the first G.I. Generation president of the United States. (Morley Winograd and Michael D. Hais, Millennial Makeover. Rutgers University Press, 2008) Or Abraham Lincoln—anytime people are counting in scores, theyre likely alluding to the Gettysburg Address, which starts four score and seven years ago. The location of Martin Luther King Jr.s I have a dream speech being by the Lincoln Memorial was no accident but an allusion. Also, widely used allusions to famous quotes  include the U.S. Constitutions We the people or the Declaration of Independences unalienable rights. Allusion in Pop Culture and Memes Pop culture allusions have a shorter shelf life, to be sure, but things that start out on social media do on occasion become part of the mass consciousness. For example, if you hear something referred to as a challenge, it could likely be referring to doing something seen in a video online—either to raise money for charity, as in the ice-bucket challenge that raised money for ALS, or something thats dangerous, like kids attempting to eat laundry detergent pods.   Memes that follow big news stories are also allusions. Following the news of the latter challenge, social media saw lots of memes making fun of the idiocy of anyone whod even think of eating laundry soap, like Back in my day, we had our mouths washed out with soap as punishment. It doesnt mention the pod challenge directly but alludes to it.   Comic books have become reference points in the most popular and the most esoteric fiction and art. Everyone understands a Superman allusion or a Batman joke.  (Gerard Jones,  Men of Tomorrow, Basic Books, 2005)

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Canada s Power Regime Changes From New Face And New...

As Canada s power regime changes to a new face and new political party, the nation state receives a new vision. A new movement is introduced for establishing Canada s name socially, economically, and politically in its global relations. Canada has experienced this in the face of newly elected Prime Minister Sr. Justin Trudeau. Particularly inquiring of the dialogues exchanged within the conversation between Sr. Justin Treadeau and a press reporter in regards to a tax policy change that appeared to have a concealed contentious issue. The PM’s progressive plans aim to be for the wellbeing of Canadian society and building the pavement for a prosperous economy. Although Trudeau’s interior motives may be for the common good, for example to combat inequalities and class hierarchies between the Canadian citizens, his plan however may only be justice for some citizens and unfairness for the others. Analyzing this argument in accordance to the Rawls principles of justice as fair ness, and Locke s interpretation of individual rights and liberty to identify the rudimentary flaw in this exchange and the defense will be the aim of this paper. The exchange addresses Trudeau’s new policy plan, which is attempting to give a tax break to the middle-class by taking away from the upper-class or high income citizens, which in essence seems to be resulting in resentment. On your tax plans, you talk about bringing people together but in some ways it seems it is divisive policy†¦... The reporterShow MoreRelatedIndias Nuclear Policy2320 Words   |  10 Pagesrelationship between International Nuclear Regimes and developing nations is a matter of passionate debate. Debate is in process on certain issues like nuclear policy, on grand strategies, on basic political values etc. It is a debate with implications for our individual and collective existence and raises fundamental question about political preferences, approaches and pathways ahead. The end of World War II and use of nuclear bomb presented US with new kind of strategic dilemma. How could a potentiallyRead MoreThe World Of Donald Trump Essay3687 Words   |  15 Pagescandidate who had greater knowledge of the political system and foreign affairs. Donald Trump; a businessman, will become the first president in the history of the United States with no political, military or foreign policy experience. Yet, he has stated that his knowledge and experience in business will help him navigate in the international arena. In the domestic political arena, Republicans and Democrats had said that Mr. Trump lacks concise and clear political philosophy. For them, he is just a simpleRead MoreThe Land Occupancy Laws And The Impacts Of Traditional Land Use On The Aboriginal Community10176 Words   |  41 Pagescommunity in Canada. The primary purpose of Traditional Use Studies is to examine the Canadian First National and indigenous people around the world, and used in gathering knowledge about the contemporary and traditional land uses of the communities. For the last quarter of the century, Canada?s Aboriginal peoples have long documented the extent in which they have used traditional resources and lands both since and before the settlement of Europeans. For the aboriginal people of Canada, they have documentedRead MoreDifferent Approaches to Corporate Reporting Regulation22097 Words   |  89 Pageswhich member ï ¬ rms play by the same reporting rules and face the same enforcement. Such a segment could be created and administered by a supra-national body like IOSCO. Keywords: accounting; regulation; IFRS; US GAAP; SEC; standard-setting, mandatory disclosure; political economy Downloaded by [University of Nottingham-Ningbo] at 20:16 12 January 2013 1. Introduction and overview Corporate reporting regulation has seen substantial changes in recent years. Many of them were in response to corporateRead MoreIs India More Democratic Than Pakistan?2712 Words   |  11 Pagesthe viewpoints of the nationalist leaders. This constitution similar to those that had been constructed by societies of the liberal democracies; Canada and Western Europe. Unlike the India constitution, Pakistan ability to create a constitution was declared a failure after it was incapable of creating constitution until nine years after independence. From then till the presents Pakistan had constructed five constitution. This had begun when Pakistan was declared free but sovereignty had been restrainedRead MoreForeign Investment In France4978 Words   |  20 PagesHYPERLINK l _Toc334197424 Education PAGEREF _Toc334197424 h 6 HYPERLINK l _Toc334197425 Health PAGEREF _Toc334197425 h 7 HYPERLINK l _Toc334197426 A brief history of its political systems, especially for the past 50 years PAGEREF _Toc334197426 h 7 HYPERLINK l _Toc334197427 Relationship between economy and political/trade relationships PAGEREF _Toc334197427 h 8 HYPERLINK l _Toc334197428 Current and recent historical economic sector PAGEREF _Toc334197428 h 9 HYPERLINK l _Toc334197429Read MoreBritish Electoral System2933 Words   |  12 PagesThe maturity of the political system in Britain has gradually shaped the British community. Britain at present is considered to be a Liberal Democratic state and one main component is the capacity of the government to conduct an election to allow the people to voice their needs in the national level. Election is the heart or the core of a democratic state , removing this would deprive the people of their right. After five years or if the Parliament was dissolved by the Queen with of course theRead More Cuban Relations Essay4043 Words   |  17 PagesHemisphere. As a result of this new socialist regime many Cubans fled to the United States into south Florida, which is only a mere ninety miles from Cuba. Shortly after Castro took control of the government, relations with the United States declined. Capitalist leaders, like the United States wanted to make sure that socialist countries trying t o establish a communist system, such as Cuba would fail because the goal of communists is to develop a system free from private ownership, which is notRead MoreHistory Grade 10 Exam Review6476 Words   |  26 PagesWW1 made him a successful PM * Arthur Meighen: 1920- 1921 * Conservative * William Lyon Mackenzie King: 1921- 1926, 1926- 1930, 1935- 1948 * Liberal * Independence of Canada in foreign policies * Richard Bennett: 1930- 1935 * Conservative * Create Bank of Canada, 1934 * Canadian Wheat Board, 1935 * Unemployment Benefits, 1935 * Maurice Duplessis: 1936- 1939, 1944- 1959. * Union Nationale * Fleur- de -Lys * Dark PeriodRead MoreIsolation And The Global Economy3903 Words   |  16 Pagesbetween radical political policy and trade relationship in a global economic context. This research is important in that it aims to understand why political isolation due to policy leads to certain economic circumstances and the ways in which politically isolated countries can counter the damage caused by an often lower trade level. I will also addresses the implications for trade partners of mostly politically isolated countries and how this can affect their own trade relations and political situations

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Collide With the Sky by Pierce the Veil free essay sample

Review of Collide With The Sky Pierce the Veil’s new album Collide With the Sky is the newest hit in the genre of rock music! Working together with their producer Dan Korneff and their record labels Equal Vision Records and Fearless Records, Vic Fuentes (vocalist), Mike Fuentes (drummer), Jaime Preciado (bass) and Tony Perry (guitar), have reached the charts with songs like â€Å"King For A Day† and â€Å"Caraphernelia†. This album is one of the best that has come out in a long time. It has the perfect mix of comforting lyrics, unique Mexican sounds from their backgrounds, and songs that make you want to sing your heart out. The album starts out with an instrumental track and leads right into Hell Above, a song that explains the effects concerts have on kids lives. Another song with great lyrics is â€Å"A Match into Water† where a scene in which a man who lost his girlfriend to suicide is begging for her back, saying it wasn’t her time yet. We will write a custom essay sample on Collide With the Sky by Pierce the Veil or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The album ends with â€Å"Hold on Till May† in which Vic Fuentes, the lead vocalist, sings about trying to talk a girl out of harming herself; the perfect end to a perfect album. Compared to their last album Selfish Machines Pierce the Veil has really out done themselves. Of course their first album was great, but Collide With the Sky just really blew me away. The order of songs that the album goes in is even well thought out. The songs begin fairly heavy, the kind that make you want to sing and dance along with all of your friends. The album ends with slower, more soothing songs that make you feel cared for and loved. The album art (as seen to the right) for Collide With the Sky is just as impressive as the album itself. The message that is trying to be depicted is to rise above the ground that is breaking under your feet. So when chaos comes into your life, do not let it destroy you. I would definitely recommend this fantastic album, it is worth the money! It is not for everyone though, consider it is rock music. It takes an acquired taste to love this genre. These songs are aimed mainly towards teenagers who are going through rough patches in their lives. So, buying a teen who has been through a lot with rock music by my side, there’s never a second that I would not want to listen to Collide With the Sky. Collide With The Sky by Pierce The Veil free essay sample Pierce the Veil has grown both in their music and as people, contributing new sounds to the bands latest album, â€Å"Collide With the Sky.† Still under the support of Equal Vision Records, the band has shown a heavier side in their new album. Lead vocalist Vic Fuentes adds deeper tones to some songs, while still maintaining his signature high- ­octave screams and shrieks, as guitarists Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado stun listeners with electrifying bass and guitar chords, and drummer Mike Fuentes contributes heavy, raw rhythm. While touring with metal bands with heavier sounds, Pierce the Veil may have been inspired to add some rougher sounds to this album. With songs like â€Å"Bulls in the Bronx† (inspired by a tragic event involving a girls recent suicide) and â€Å"One Hundred Sleepless Nights,† listeners will not be disappointed by the dynamic sound. PTV has always been known for sounding great together, but â€Å"Collide With the Sky† really showcases the bands teamwork. We will write a custom essay sample on Collide With The Sky by Pierce The Veil or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They create a unique sound that no other band can replicate. Fans will also be excited to hear â€Å"King for a Day† featuring Kellin Quinn (from Sleeping With Sirens). This has been a long-anticipated song; the collaboration between Quinn and Pierce the Veil was helped along by fans on Twitter. This song is a gift from Pierce the Veil to fans, also sending an anti-bullying message. With emotionally dynamic, moving lyrics, the songs on this album prove Vic Fuentes to be a genius songwriter and show major progress since the bands freshman release in 2007, â€Å"A Flair for the  ­Dramatic.† â€Å"Collide With the Sky† is Pierce the Veils best album yet, displaying musical variety and the bands pure talent for creating distinct sounds. PTV has made yet another lasting impression on the post-hardcore music genre.